Wetlands location moodboard | MAPITO

MAPITO | Frans van den Bemd, has been scouting locations for television, music videos, commercials, photographers, event planners, directors, producers, production designers and others Worlwide, since 1991 –

We do the scouting, the permits, the maps and the parking. And it’s not just sites: we find you the local vendors: animal trainers, teachers for minors, helicopter pilots and mounts, production people, craft services that deliver cappuccino to the camera team.
It’s easy because we’ve been there, and all those names and numbers are in the computer database, all those location photos are already in the library… a huge location library with over 750.000 images and over 69.500 photographs online for free.
If we haven’t been there, we’ll talk to the people who have been, all the film
commissioners, other scouts, local chambers and vendors. Then we’ll go there and set it up. We’ll show you when the sun will be where.
Then all you have to do is shoot it.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED researched by MAPITO | Frans van den Bemd©
Go To http://www.mapito.nl


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